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Cast: Sudheer Babu, Asmita Sood and Poonam Kaur
Producer: M Subbareddy,S N Reddy
Director: Krishnareddy Gangadhasuu

What do we do if we do not have anything in percentage in the kitchen? We just get up everything and prepare with the available vegetables. The curry has everything but not in finish. Furthermore some films come with every component but with nothing in percentage. This combined classification tale contains love, activity, close relatives dilemma, funny and so on, or look like they were there. Aadu magaadura bujji is also one of those kinds. The headline brought up some passions that this film is a huge performer. Idol exhibited his macho picture and trailer ran well. Another factor is that Rajamouli’s newbie is new guiding a film. With all these beneficial factors the film came on displays. Let us see what it has got.

Siddhu (Sudheer Babu) is a satisfied go fortunate guy. Somehow he will create fun of others and usually spends a insane lifestyle. He drops for a attractiveness of his higher education, Indu (Asmitha Sood). He is in really like with her go over pumps. Siddhu gets in to issue with Cherry (Ranadhir), sibling of Indu. Siddhu presents Anjali (Poonam Kaur) to disturb Cherry. While Cherry and Poonam are in really like with each other, Siddhu keeps trying to get Indu in monitor. But Poonam has a big flashback in which her dad Bujji (Ajay) is a well known goon and a politician. He wants to get married to Poonam. He attacks Cherry as he likes Poonam. Siddhu understands his error and decides to take vengeance on Bujji. Then the tale moves around the Siddhu’s really like tale and the brain activity he performs to attack out Bujji.

Diretor Krishna Reddy desired to the way of huge and he did it with this film. He took schedule range but including it with some creativities. He used most of the Sudhir’s gestures and his recently shaped six package whole body accordingly. First 50 percent operates easy and sleek like a professional theatre with songs, battles, dances and else. One perspective at the finishing of the first 50 percent increases the attention on the second 50 percent.

This film performs as a trial to confirm that Sudhir is an all-rounder. He does well in dances and activity series. But his speech is a less. It does not fit his macho overall look. As in comparison to his past films he created it out. Asmitha and Poonam are ok. The creativities presented in this film are already used and known to all. Arriving to Ajay’s aspect, he shown himself that he can create the finish of the primary bad guy. He is an ideal choice for younger heros like Sudheer. Except Suman, Krishna Bhagawan and Naresh nobody got enough opportunity in this film.

Every field seemed awesome independently as we think something is losing when we consider the whole run. This may be because of the schedule tale. This happens when film director tries to integrate all the components supposedly in to the tale. We think that second 50 percent is a little drawn and unfortunate songs create audience a bit flat. At least he would have developed an starting field before songs to get the audience prepared. Songs definitely analyze the tolerance of the viewer. Comedy series with the dog are very excellent and we can have a satisfying have a good laugh though used on and on along the duration.
Hero getting into the villain’s house and enjoying with him is an old system that was presented in “Dhee”. Have no idea when our administrators will be out of the same box? Sri’s songs is ok but not up to the indicate. We can provide complete represents to the picturisation. Manufacturing principles are very much noticeable, and director’s got the skills but he would have routed it in a right way. Idea is excellent but the material is losing. It seems that he chosen this to confirm that he can cope with any kind of tale. And most essential of all the headline is not validated by the tale as easy muscular display would not do. This is a professional theatre. But wish that the film director chooses the right tale next efforts and Sudhir bridegrooms himself in his next film. This film is value viewing for time successfully pass.

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