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Cast: Priyamani, Krishnam Raju, Ashish Vidhyarthi
Music: Chinna
Producer: Sreenu Babu G
Director: V.Samudra

Chandi (Priyamani) is fearless and strong. She is excellent in fighting styles. She lifestyles in Hyderabad and does some killings. She is assisted by Sekhar Azad (Sarath Kumar). Cops never comprehend about these strange killings as to who is doing and who is preparing them. Govt then causes CBI as Srimannarayana (Naga Babu). Srimannarayana is remaining confused about the fantastic even after many initiatives. Chandi decreases her opponents one by one. Bangarraju (Supreet) a legal and a minister’s son is one among them. After that CBI improves the look for. Srimannarayana gets to know some information about the murderer. Who is this Chandi? Why is she killing? What is the regards with Ashok Gajapathi Raju (Krishnam Raju)? This is the tale of Chandi.

A regular tale taken to make a sub-standard film. How does the manufacturers agree to such experiences ?. Included to this over-action by all performers. Questions are coming up about Samudra’s over effective instruction abilities. The dialogues could have better suitable for Mahesh Babu or Jr.NTR increasing gallantry. While Priyamani was appearing them, audiences were looking at the quit gateways.

Glamour positions have been limited for Priyamani and she had to phase into creating of unsuccessful Sadhyam & Kshetram both woman focused movies. Unfortunately Chandi also included with her failing record. Priyamani is a nationwide awardee. Its not her mistake. another long part is of Krishnam Raju. Movie director didn’t remember about a outdated insurgent celebrity and was adament to demonstrate him as a upset younger insurgent celebrity. Movie director did not handle the positions of Sarathbabu, Naga Babu, Posani and the prefers. Obviously when he could not make a personality matching to Chandi, how can we anticipate the relax.

Samudra has extremely used Gabbar Singh antyakshari field. He always focused on accumulation moments. Audience will certainly be afraid to see antyakshari field even in TVs now-on-wards. He desired to make a legal activity dilemma but finished up to make it a weeping dilemma. Its better if we do not talk about about songs. Theatre should have some huge songs, that is why they are in. They have been mercilessly copied and pasted in between moments. For songs, Chinna has only cleaned his percussion from gathered dirt.

Ofcourse, no one had objectives on Samudra, thats why Chandi is not a shock at all. Audience need not get frustrated even. For new audiences of director Samudra’s film Chandi will be a shock. So option is yours.

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