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Cast: Rahul, Shravya, Rajiv, Sanjana
Music Director: Mahith Narayan
Producer: Vallabh
Director: Govi

Story: Happily wedded Aakash (Rahul) rises a shock on his spouse Meenakshi (Shravya) by immediately accepting to her demand to take up a job just so that she does not experience tired awaiting him to come returning – which is delayed in the evening. Not lengthy after, it is Meenakashi’s convert to manage him a amount of shock.

Review: Aakash cannot hold up against that sensation that his spouse could be unfaithful on him. He keeps an eye on her, paths her and tantalisingly gets near to being captured. In the release itself, a voice-over narrates the characteristics of Aakash. He is described as being dropping into the type of those who experience vulnerable due to which they are always dubious of individuals or their environment.

Aakash and Meenakshi drop madly in really like and get married to against their parents’ desires. The two family members are at loggerheads due to governmental factors but come near to executing their marriage. Since they don’t they elope and get wedded. And the issue starts for Aakash a season after his first birthday.

To his shock one day, he discovers his spouse, who was expected to be going to workplace, seated in a car with another guy and satisfied in his organization. On another event, he recognizes them provide a helpful hug. And later, he can overhear discussions on the cellphone which appear loving.

A mail provides a bundle of images of Meenakshi but the issue between them is who did she cause for? Meenakshi does not remember appearing for such images at all. Aakash’s doubt develops more powerful. Meenakshi’s behavior becomes even odder.

A ‘bad man’ becomes the center of the ejaculation of the film and it finishes well with Aakash apologising to Meenakshi for being dubious about her. It is here that the film director reveals himself. If Aakash had not been dubious of his spouse and followed her, the rogue would most definitely have murdered her. He comes to her save at the perfect time. Well then, why does he have apologise to her? Is unnecessary. It is another issue that she is not engaged in an event with anyone else but considering all that he was seeing and listening to, Aakash were in a completely regular way. On the opposite, Meenakshi not getting her spouse into assurance in a crucial time, was not the appropriate factor to do.

There’s a amount of dual significance dialogues which are odd and don’t add to situation. This ‘bangaram’ doesn’t glow so much to entice. You’d do better to really like yourself than this ‘bangaram’.

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