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Cast: Venkatesh, Ram, Anjali, Shazahn Padamsee
Music Director: Thaman S
Lyricst: Ramajogaya Sastry
Producer: Sravanti Ravikishore , Suresh Babu
Director: K.Vijaya Bhaskar

Masala film is a restoring film as known to most of us. Rebuilding tale is nothing but having a first aid box, system box and a ‘Stepney’ while ongoing on a trip when we predict some unusual trip conditions. You know the way to win. Hence opportunities of risk are little. That is the objective why when Idol of Venkatesh popularity speaks, thats enough to take up a restoring tale. In the same way, his eye decreased on Bol Bachchan. Venkatesh took very less a opportunity to select. That too the tale also matches Venky’s capability. He considered he can quickly execute the aspect. And that is the objective why another restoring film came to us through Masala. Did Venky’s considered be effective ? Was his trip safe? To know we must taste the new taste of Masala recognized by Venky and Ram.

Rahman (Ram) & Sania(Anjali) are buddies. They improved up in complicated kid years. Ram is unemployed. Their our forefathers property issue is taking in lawful legal courts since years. Their way of life has become distressing in regional place. They had to keep their place. They get into Balram (Venkatesh) town. Balram is the go of the town. With a wish of a earnings with Balram, Rahman in a complicated situation had to existing himself as Ram. A islamic is managing to remain like a Hindu. Rahman is seen in a masjid. Another lie to secure the first, saying he was his brother Rahman and he is Ram. This cause to two roles in Rahman. How Rahman managed to dole his two roles and how he untied the captured problems is the tale of Masala.

Bol Bachchan tale is not so new. It was an assortment of 4 to 5 telugu movies put together. Vijay Bhaskar tried to copy the tale inches extensive by inches extensive in Telugu. Ofcourse, he very well noticed how to deal with such tale collections and add crazy makeups to it. Vijay Bhaskar did not try to use his own ideas at all. Even while individualising Ram and Venky in telugu taste he missed. Probably producers have instructed him to follow same to same. Or he must have designed the choice not to take risk, he never went for any modifications or improvements.

Venkatesh, an globally cricketer was designed to execute street cricket. Venky’s situation was such. He quickly showed entraining aspect of Balram. His slave english dialogues presented excellent deal of fun provided you must understand english. Chiru also used such language in Shankar dada MBBS but difference is he used most well-known telugu proverbs. Main telugu audiences followed quickly. But that magic did not happen here.

Ram’s energy is seen well in the film. We cannot predict Abhishek Bachchan’s strength, but up to his prospective he verified. No one would be ready to take up the character he conducted. Ram’s capabilities are applaudable. Anjali and Shazahn are less important numbers. Anjali seemed plumpy. Shazahn could not sign-up her encounter despite being eye-catching. Ali and MS Narayana’s roles are OK. Its a extensive variety aspect for Jayprakash Reddy now. After Ram and Venky he seems to be next in symbolizes history.

As we all know, Thaman’s music is “Singing the old song”. Rebuilding rights are bought officially, but Thaman is known in increasing music of others from coming back gateways. RR is also copied. He used leftout RR of Protection officer in this film. Andrew’s digital camera capabilities are important. He tried to expose minutes nicely.

First 50 % has some falls. Funny without any sensible weblink. Story remains at the same place where it started even after an time. Every character of the film is designed for crazy. People also will have a outstanding have a good laugh. But the actual range which is predicted to merge the crazy variety is dropping. We many times get a feeling of watching continuous crazy items in a TV successive. This film is designed understanding the strength of entertainment with support of Ram and Venky.

Its value when you make a choice to just go and have a outstanding have a good laugh, for a while. If you predict more than that, mistake would be yours.

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