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Cast: Rahul Ravindran, Tanvi Vyas, Sanjjanaa
Music: M.M.Srilekha
Story: Balabhadrapatruni Ramani
Writer: Satyanandh
Producer: D. Ramanaidu
Director: P. Sunil Kumar Reddy

Swapna (Tanvi) comes from a combined family associates, who is used residing amongst the really like and assistance of large close relatives. She has everything except independence, to evade from family associates members in the name of greater research she goes to Norway. Here she satisfies Krish (Rahul Ravindran), who is happy-go-lucky individual. He lifestyles for himself and for that time. Swapna satisfies Krish, they both drop madly in really like.

Now the field changes Indian. Swapna and Krishi come to her family associates home. Here Krishi has discussion with her close relatives. The relax of the movie is what is the relationship between Krish and Swapna family? Who is Krish? Does he have a family? What changes have come into Swapna’s lifestyle after conference Krish?

Director Sunil Kumar Reddy, who has been doing “different” movies until now has tried his side at loved ones associates dilemma and seems to didn’t work terribly. He is not able to handle so many artistes. The error from the home is that he is of perception that individuals are adhering to TV serials because of the large family associates dramas and desired to take that on the big display. He believed it would entice family associates viewers and ladies to the cinemas. One factor he has to keep in mind is that females and family associates viewers are not arriving to cinemas for such factors. It is the youngsters who will come. There is nothing for them in the movie. Even the really like monitor between Swapna and Krish is not vibrant, it is also frustrating.

First 50 percent of the movie is so… so. Before going to the second 50 percent, there is little perspective which makes attention to look out for the second aspect, but unfortunately to excellent frustration. Moreover we all know it is Ramanaidu’s movie and we try to sit through the whole movie considering something might be there. But even the producer’s name has been introduced down through this movie.

It has combination of sobs, emotions and complications. Everyone is already fed up with viewing these on TV, how do you anticipate them to pay and observe these in cinemas.

Rahul’s performance is excellent and value viewing. He seems to have started as performing professional in comparison to his previously two movies. Tanvi has key aspect in the movie. But launching of this lady is a significant error by the home. She looks like Rahul’s older sis but not a heroine. Is she is excellent entertainer that she has been chosen? No she does not have an iota of performing abilities. At many locations lip-sync is not related, thus creating the movie look not professional.

LB Sriram appears has as a emphasize. Mature stars like Sharat Babu, Suman and Amani have done their job well, while all others are there for name.

There are many moments in the movie which are not linked with the tale and the home seems to have no management over them. Srilekha has been effective to provide age-old music for the movie. Overall the home has unsuccessful terribly in all the divisions.

The home and manufacturer have to comprehend the point that individuals anticipate some unique in the movie. And it is their liability to provide it. The objective of providing a fresh family associates entertainer is laudable but in the name of fresh theatre we cannot accept the same old experiences. There should be some components of enjoyment or meaningfulness to the movie otherwise no one will come to the cinemas. There is no experience in Nenam Chinna Pillana, so where will we get the feel-good factor!

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