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Cast: Raj Tarun, Avika Gor,…
Music: Sunny M.R
Producer: Ram Mohan, Suresh Babu and Akkineni Nagarjuna
Director: Virinchi Varma

A experience much better movie which makes you think that it is not a story of some one else but it is the story of some one very near to us. The figures and display play will connection the viewers. Lastly it is a combination package of lovely psychological soft really like story. Uyyala Jampala -a story of soft minds and hearts.

Umadevi (Avika), Suri (Raj Tarun) are in-laws. Two family members vary a lot in their financial position. Umadevi and Suri are raised together but were never buddies. They often battle. To mock Umadevi Suri flirts a lady known as Sujata. Suri’s strategy works and Uma devi gets annoyed. In vengeance, Umadevi flirts with a boy known as Parthu. Parthu provides her many presents and they both drop madly in really like with each other. One day Parthu and Umadevi will strategy to elope. Parthu will decide to get silver from Umadevi and offer her to some one else. Suri smell the risk will save Umadevi.

Umadevi understands and drops in really like with Suri. Later both will recognize their really like on each other. In the mean time their really like develops. Now the story is about what are the issues they will face? How will they come out of their problems? Will they get married?

The story appears like with the hit films like Nuvve Kavali, Anandam. But the movie director made a distinction in its performance, movie script and absolutely differed in displaying the feelings between the figures. He included his own taste to a very well known story.

He drew the movie very wonderful by displaying genuine town atmosphere, purity and intimacies of town people. Through out the movie he never provided a opportunity for melodrama. It is a simple story with no turns in it. We never think that we are viewing a movie; we think it like its occurring very near to us. He was very effective to make the movie with organic feelings proven between the several. Their battles, expression are so organic that they take viewers in to the vicinity. Director should be praised for creating a very common story like never observed.

Why should we observe the movie? The response is the little lovely several Avika and Raj Tarun. Avika, after this movie for sure improves her number of lovers. She seemed very fairly sexy town lady. Raj Tarun, he is no less for Avika. He is very excellent with his Eastern Godavari Region Telugu feature and conversation distribution. Telugu movie market gets another very wise decision for youngsters really like experiences that is Raj Tarun.

All the throw is recently presented in the movie. But movie director could get what he desired from them. Digicam work and Sunny’s songs included an benefits for the movie. Another plus point was not pulling the movie for two and 50 percent time.The movie is set to two time.

First 50 percent is loaded with the trouble of both Avika and Raj Tarun. Pace improves in the second 50 percent. The movie becomes more interesting with the perspective by Avika in the ejaculation. Director shows that a little story, with little celebrities, within a little price range can generate big results. It is once again proven that officially audio and high price range is not what is necessary for a movie, but a story which operates the viewers. Uyyala Jampala definitely operates the viewers. May not be in the list of great films but definitely a excellent movie.

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