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Cast: Pooja Umashankar,Vinoth Kishan,Malavika Manikuttan
Music Director: Krish
Director: Balaji K. Kumar

Movies on kid trafficking usually toss at us stunning information and figures in an make an effort to psychologically hijack us but debutant Balaji K Kumar’s Vidiyum Munn prevents all such category cliches and stays to introducing a well implemented thriller that intrigues with suspense from beginning to end.

Although motivated from English thriller London, uk to Brighton, to which the creators have not given due credit score, Vidiyum Munn is unique as one of the better thrillers of the last.

When Rekha (Pooja), a prostitute, flees city with 12-year-old Nandini (Malavika) after choosing the greatest error of her lifestyle, her pimp (Amarendran) is given the ultimatum to generate her along with the lady in the next 24 a chance to prevent a risk to his own lifestyle.

It’s not the regular thriller film that you observe and ignore as you stroll out of the film area. Vidiyum Munn remains on in your go for a lengthy period. Cut from the same fabric used to generate thrillers such as Pizzas and Yuddham Sei, it’s the suspense that books the film to the complete range. That suspense, with the help of a few figures, is highly stiched into a labyrinthine tale that you will only appreciate when it gets to its ejaculation.

Having proved helpful in The show biz industry for over a several years, Balaji, who had previously instructed English thriller Nine Lifestyles of Mara, gives the film a therapy that’s similar to the western with regards to the overall demonstration.

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